Legal Requirements for Australian Citizens Getting Married in Italy

Do not obtain documents and certificates more than six months prior to wedding date or they expire.

In order for any Australian to marry:

  • Both must be 18 years or over;
  • Both must be free to marry in the first place;
  • True consent must exist, i.e. not forced to marry;
  • The relationship must not be a prohibited one, e.g. father and daughter.

Australians marrying in Italy need a Certificate of No Impediment

To Obtain Certificate of No Impediment (Nulla Osta)

  • Fill out an application for Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage form, witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, a Consular official at an Australian Diplomatic Mission overseas, or an officer of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
  • Present your Birth Certificates or other evidence of nationality and birth date.
  • Present a Divorce Decree Absolute or Death Certificate if either party is divorced or widowed.
  • A waiver is needed for any woman divorced within the last 300 days, issued by the Procura della Republica (District Attorney)on presentation of a medical certificate that she is not pregnant.
  • There are fees for the Nulla Osta and for its witnesses.
  • Present the legalized Nulla Osta to the Marriage Office of the Municipality, which we do for you.
A religious ceremony requires additional paperwork.

Church authorities should be contacted well in advance for information.