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Florence Wedding - Get married in Florence 

If you are planning to come to Italy to get married you should consider a Florence Wedding.

Florence is not only the art and history capital of Europe and a showcase to the entire world for so much of what was created and that took place during the Renaissance, but also a modern city in Italy. Florence has some of the best Italian restaurants that we have used for wedding receptions and an unlimited number of places to see and things to do everywhere you look including the region of Tuscany. People from all over the world have been to Italy, but most will tell you that they have been to Tuscany and Florence in particular, because that was the highlight of their trip. 

The captivating beauty and fascinating history of Florence are unparalleled. Since Julius Caesar founded Florence in 59 BC, over the last two thousand years, many forces, factions and families have vied for power in this great city and at one point in recent Italian history, Florence was even made the capital of Italy for a few years. Many scholars have devoted their entire lives to studying just one aspect or phase of the history of Florence, but none of them have ever been able to stop learning new things.

Florence marriage ceremonies are performed in a spectacularly dramatic civil wedding hall known as la Sala Rossa. Many Italians as well as foreign couples have had a Sala Rossa wedding and it may be the busiest place where to marry in Italy. That is why it is best to make reservations for the wedding hall of Florence as far ahead of time as possible. The Florentines have rightly called this magnificent room in the Palazzo Vecchio, the Red Hall. The Red Hall of Florence or Florence wedding hall is adorned in magnificent red carpets, drapes and the original wall coverings from its renovation in the 1860s. The red color is also a reminder of the past glory of Florence and the color by which this ancient Italian city represented itself and was known by while it dominated Europe from the 1300ís to the 1500s.

Furthermore, unlike the legal requirements in other cities of Europe, Florence weddings allow foreigners to have a religious wedding ceremony in both Catholic as well as Protestant Churches. This means that a civil and a religious ceremony are more easily combined together than in many of the other countries of Europe.

We operate directly from the Florence area and reach into the entire region of Tuscany with our many wedding suppliers. Whatever wedding venues in Florence, or anywhere else in the region of Tuscany, that you and your family may require can be set up to provide all of your needs while getting married in Italy. No two weddings in Florence that we organize are the same, because we tailor everything to your particular requirements and can easily take care of any special needs or last minute changes. We adapt to what you want or will need.

While you are planning to get married in Florence, you may want think about some of the things your wedding party can do while everyone is already in Tuscany. You might want to consider a retreat in one of the many exquisite Tuscan villas, scenic estates or picturesque castles in the countryside of Tuscany that can be leased for short periods of time. In doing this the entire estate, or even the entire medieval hamlet, will be reserved for you and your wedding party.  At these characteristic and stunning rental properties of Tuscany, you can entertain all your friends and relatives after getting married in Florence. Tuscany has so much to offer you and your wedding guests, such as balloon rides, historical and cultural tours, private chauffeured guides, wine tasting tours, gourmet food tours, visits to farms and castles and tours through any of the cities of Tuscany. We especially recommend a private guided tour of Florence itself. You will learn more in those few hours with your private tour guide that in many college courses.

In conjunction with your wedding in Florence and any visits to the region of Tuscany you may also want to make arrangements to visit the rest of Italy and travel through another favorite part of Europe. You can plan an Italian honeymoon vacation or romantic getaway to France, England, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland or some other top European honeymoon locations. Florence wedding planner can do all this for you by providing one coordinator to personally handle everything for you together with the network of agents that we have established throughout Italy and Europe during the course of operating and doing business for over a decade.

Whether or not you intend to marry in Florence or in any other location in Italy we can also organize a variety of other unique events such as vow renewals, reaffirmations, anniversary celebrations besides the memorable cultural and food tours in Tuscany that we mentioned. 
Civil Ceremony

Italian civil ceremony in the Red Hall of the Palazzo Vecchio

Wedding ceremony in the Sala Rossa of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence Italy
Catholic Ceremony

Catholic ceremony in ancient Florentine church

Catholic Wedding in Ancient Florentine Church
Anniversary Celebration

Celebrate your wedding anniversary with a trip to Florence and a special gift!

Anniversary Celebration of your Wedding in Florence