Legal Requirements for US Citizens Getting Married in Italy

Do not obtain documents and certificates more than Six months prior to wedding date or they expire.


  • Passport for a civilian.
  • Birth certificate and permission to marry issued by the Commander from the military.
  • If applicable, Final Divorce Decree, Annulment Decree or Death Certificate of previous spouse.
  • If under 18, sworn statement by parents or legal guardian consenting to the marriage.
  • These documents must be translated into Italian.
  • To be legal in Italy, the translated documents must be given the Apostille Stamp by the Secretary of State in the state where each document was originally issued.
  • Obtain an Atto Notorio from an Italian Consul in the United States. This is a declaration that according to US laws there is no obstacle to the marriage, and it must be sworn to by two witnesses.

Upon your arrival in Italy, we will have scheduled appointments for:

  • Another Declaration (Nulla Osta), sworn to by the US citizen at US Consulate in Italy stating that there is no legal impediment to his/her marriage under Italian Law and US Law.
  • Legalization of the Nulla Osta must be done by the office of the Prefecture. There is one in every provincial capital. Usual office hours are from 10am to 1pm Monday through Saturday.
  • A waiver for a woman who has been divorced within the last 300 days must be obtained from the Procura della Republica (District Attorney), issued on presentation of a medical certificate that she is not pregnant.