Wine and Cooking Tours in Tuscany

Tuscany Wine Country is absolutely gorgeous and ranks as one of the most ideal wedding and honeymoon destinations in the world. For a romantic honeymoon in Italy, this region is your best choice. The natural landscapes are so pleasing to the eye that they look planned or man made. The clear, musical language spoken in Tuscany is considered to be the purest form of Italian. The ancient medieval hill towns that dot the vistas are intriguing and replete with vineyards and olive groves of all sizes. Chianti, a section of Tuscany, is particularly esteemed.

Visitors are welcomed proudly to explore facilities, watch their traditional processes and taste their prized creations.Tuscan cooking has become extremely popular around the world, and we offer local cooking and gastronomical tours and lessons with outstanding authentic Tuscan chefs. Learn how to make fresh pasta by hand; sample local cheeses and olive oils. Dine with Italian nobility in their palaces, view private art collections, and learn about Italian culture, cuisine, and wines.