Description of the historically and culturally rich city of Florence

Museums and other cultural and scenic sites in Florence

Firenze is the capital city of the region of Tuscany. Historically, it has also been a world cultural center in terms of art, architecture, intellectualism, and the Renaissance. It is truly a beautifully colorful, romantic and culturally attractive city splendidly suited for different kinds of weddings and romantic honeymoons in Italy.

This romantic Italian marriage location has been the inspiration and setting for some of literature's most famous novels and many memorable films such as A Room With a View.

The city is renowned for its vast museums, which contain some of Michelangelo's most famous works. Its surrounding Tuscan countryside, which was the inspiration for much of Florentine art, provides for gorgeous excursions to wineries and farms.

The Palazzo Vecchio is the best known of wedding locations in Italy, and the only place civil wedding ceremonies are performed in Florence. It is truly one of the most dramatic and distinct places for extraordinary weddings. A medieval, Gothic palace with a high bell tower built in the 14th century, it has been immortalized in literature, paintings, and films. Its beautiful Renaissance interior is a sharp contrast to the starkness of its exterior.

The Sala Rossa, or Red Hall, of the Palazzo Vecchio is where formal Italian Civil Weddings are performed. The hall is impressive and enormous, with silk drapes, chandeliers, gilded mirrors and chairs upholstered in red velvet. Outside is one of the great piazzas of the world, Piazza della Signoria, full of statues, and adjacent to it is the Uffizi Gallery. This is a unique and perfect place for lifetime memories to be captured in your wedding photos.