Red Hall or Sala Rossa wedding hall of Florence

Sala Rossa Wedding Hall of Florence

The story of the Sala Rossa wedding hall of Florence has an unexpected uniqueness.

In 1860 the region of Tuscany was united with the Kingdom of Piedmont and Victor Emanuel the Second, the King of Italy, installed a baron by the name of Bettino Ricasoli as governor to manage Tuscany for him. Italy was at the final stages of being reunited once again since its disintegration after the fall of Rome over a thousand years before.

It was decided the baron would live in part of what was called the Old Palace or Palazzo Vecchio of Florence, but this required much renovation and so a well known Florentine architect by the name of Giuseppe Martelli was hired to do the job. The work was carried on expeditiously and by the first of January 1861 it was completed so that Ricasoli and his family could move in.

The section of the Palazzo Vecchio that housed the new governor came to be known as the il quartiere del governatore or governors quarters and was redecorated according to the tastes of  those times that happened to be a revival of the baroque.

The Red Room or really the Red Hall was created to be Ricasoliís private bedroom and a unique red paper wall covering was used. The ceiling were made to depict allegorical stories of the past while three very large tapestries on the walls described the story of Ester in the Old Testament.

The sumptuousness of the revived baroque furnishings of the Sala Rossa were so impressive that later administrative changes in the city of Florence decided to leave the Red Hall wedding room intact even though almost 150 years old.

Finally in recent times Florence decided to host weddings in Sala Rossa and make it the only room in the Palazzo Vecchio where everything was left the way Martelli had made it long before for Ricasoli.
Civil Ceremony

Italian civil ceremony in the Red Hall of the Palazzo Vecchio

Wedding ceremony in the Sala Rossa of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence Italy
Catholic Ceremony

Catholic ceremony in ancient Florentine church

Catholic Wedding in Ancient Florentine Church
Anniversary Celebration

Celebrate your wedding anniversary with a trip to Florence and a special gift!

Anniversary Celebration of your Wedding in Florence