Catholic Requirements for Marriage for Weddings in Italy

For couples never previously married - Do Not Obtain Documents Listed Below Dated More Than Six Months Prior to the Wedding Date or They Expire.


  • Formal letter on church letterhead from your parish priest stating that you have fulfilled all PRE CANA procedures and granting permission for the wedding to be performed in the church of __________________.
  • A letter from the Archbishop or Vicar of the parish stating the same - your priest can obtain this for you.
  • ALL certificates of baptism, first communion and confirmation must be sent TOGETHER - not separately - with this letter.
  • Original of the marriage encounter with church seals/signatures (they issue a form).This original is not just the certificate but also a type of signed questionnaire.
  • Seals or stamps from the parish office so that everything looks correct.

If you have been divorced and your marriage was not officially annulled, you cannot marry in the Catholic Church.

Please advise us if you have had your marriage annulled.

Catholic weddings in Italy can only take place by the priest's permission after he has seen the paperwork.

We do not have authority over religious regulations.